Theology of Charity

  • Church Caritas Ministry in the Perspective of Caritas-Theology and Catholic Social Teaching (2015)
    [EN] Mons. Giampietro Dal Toso, Prof. Heinrich Pompey, Prof. Rainer Gehrig, Jakub Doležel
  • Academic Colloquium organized by Cor Unum and the Katholische Sozialwissenschaftliche Zentralstelle (KSZ), Germany (Vatican City, March 23-24, 2015)
The Person in the Center – The Anthropology in the Theology of Charity and in the Social Doctrine of the Church IT - EN - FR - DE
  • Theological Session: Theology of Charity and/or Social Doctrine? (Vatican City, March 4-5, 2013)
Theological introduction by H.Em.Card. Robert Sarah (4 March 2013) FR - EN - IT - DE
Summary by Msgr. Giampietro Dal Toso, Secretary (5 March 2013)
FR - EN - IT - POR - ES - DE